Organized Neighbors of Edgehill Community Garden Achievements

Terrance Murray Edgehill Community Memorial Garden provides:

  1. The opportunity for all members of the community, all ethnic groups to come together and get educated on growing food, preparing and storing their food for future meals.

  2. There are 5 different ethnic groups growing food together in the community garden.

  3. Groups from Black, White, Indian, Puerto Rican, Irish, and Muslims come together to learn more about each others culture build relationships.

  4. There is also the combination of youth and seniors to provide intergenerational gardening.

  5. The Edgehill Community Garden received a Metro Community and Schools Garden Grant to promote intergenerational gardening for 2016.

The oldest gardener at 89 

Mary Wakefield, TSU Extension Agent teaches monthly garden classes.

Kids show off their veggies!

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