Workplace giving is a way for employees to contribute

to charitable organizations at their place of work.


  • Helps establish a business as a community leader.

  • Boosts employee morale. People feel good about contributing to their community.

  • Minimizes the demand on your payroll system. Only one deduction per employee needs to be tracked.

  • Any size business can participate.

  • Only one check needs to be written.

  • Campaign materials provided—brochures, pledge forms, posters, speakers, etc.

  • Knowledgeable support staff helps you maximize the campaign at your workplace and minimize interruptions.

  • Detailed reporting and tracking of each donor’s contribution is provided.

  • Tracking and disbursement of all funds to the selected charities is done by CSI.


  • Gives employees choice in giving and with it the satisfaction of supporting causes close to their hearts.

  • Everyone can make a difference. Even $2 a paycheck adds up to a substantial gift over a year!

  • Easy way to give back to the community.

  • Convenience of making charitable decisions once a year.

  • Provides a simple means for employees to budget their contributions each year.

  • Efficient and effective way to track annual contributions.

  • Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

  • Contributor can remain anonymous.

  • All donors receive a verification letter for their contributions.

  • Still allows the opportunity to make a one-time contribution by check, credit card, or cash.


  • Less time is spent fundraising which allows staff to have more time to focus on programs.

  • Financially more efficient than other forms of fundraising, so more money goes directly to programming and services.

  • Knowing how much has been pledged allows charities to budget more effectively.

  • Low-cost way to educate the community about their organization.

  • Most employees give more through payroll contribution than with a one-time gift.

  • Collaboration with like-minded charities.