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Mid-Tennessee Council of the Blind

The Mid-Tennessee Council of the Blind (MTCB) is one of five not-for-profit chapters across the state whose members are concerned about the dignity and well-being of blind people and vision impaired Middle Tennesseans. Our members include persons who are blind, losing vision, or are parents of a child who is blind or visually impaired or fully sighted. We welcome anyone who wishes to work toward equal rights and full participation in society for everyone with a disability. The chapters purpose is: • to expand the social, economic and cultural opportunities for blind persons in Tennessee; • to encourage and assist such persons in becoming more active, productive and responsible member of the community; • to enhance the educational and rehabilitative services available to blind persons in Tennessee; • to inform blind persons of available opportunities and services in education, employment, recreation, and other areas of common concern; • to inform the general public of the capabilities and accomplishments of blind persons and of the importance of providing specialized education to assist such persons to meet their full responsibilities as citizens. Visit their website.

Zanies Comedy Club will give Mid TN Council of the Blind $10 for every ticket sold to the Henry Cho performance on November 20th. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Code word “blind” must be entered online or said on the phone when purchasing tickets. This is a great way to hear a funny comedian and support the work of the council. To purchase tickets (don’t forget the promo code)

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